Monday, 29 September 2008

He Picked A Girl - the reply with Palin and McCain

Here we go - a video reply to he picked a girl - this is up and running

Sarah Palin Song (i picked a girl)

Excuse the swear words, this is right on the least has a video attached as well

Sarah Palin Moose Shooting Blues

Nice to see a female take on Sarah Palin - more moose, PTA and shooting

Ballad of Sarah Palin - Country

This is funny, well written, and quite biting, it tackles her record on oil, foreign policy and shooting

Ballad of Sarah Palin - Blue Grass

Poor old Sarah this one - nice and short has a dig at her foreign policy knowledge and her traveling abroad or rather lack of it.....(she didn't get off the plane in Ireland)

Sarah Palin Song(chauvanistic)

The title says in all really - the hook is "Sara stay home with the kids...". Republican voter I would guess


Ballad Of Sarah Palin

This is an improvement - we get moose shooting, Republican politics, w**d smoking and hockey mums.

Nice hat as well

Song For Sarah Palin

Heres the first one then, short on satire and wit. Its hardly Oscar Wilde with is refrain "sarah wasn't to be our VP, Sarah I just want bang ya...!"