Tuesday, 7 October 2008

I Can See Russia From My House

This one is a little gem, nicely song, clever lyrics just the right side of funny.
Good work fella!

I Can See Russia From My House

Description: Chorus: I can see Russia from my house
Got a flag pin on my blouse I'm the commander of the Alaska National Guard
And if it wasn't for me all you folks in Tennessee
Would have paratroopers landing in your yard

In a bikini I'm still hot I can kill a moose with just one shot
Vladimir Putin might scare you but he don't scare me
We'll revive the old cold war if that's what he's lookin' for
And it'll be good for the defense industry

I met Bono yesterday at the UN by the way
And some other guys whose names I can't recall
The one from Afghanistan said they still got the Taliban
It was my first visit there I had a ball

If you were gonna vote for Hillary then you ought to vote for me
Although we disagree on nearly everything
If you don't like John McCain, you know, the old guy with the plane
If he has a heart attack then you'll have me

I was raised in the AG Where the preacher prayed for me
That's why Jesus made me governor of the state
It was just a stepping stone I'll always call Alaska home
I'm the kind of gal that liberals love to hate

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have you seen this palin video from two russian fellows?